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Melanie Oudin on Nutrition, Fitness, Tennis Fashion and Texting.

Melanie Oudin at Virgin Mobile USA Press Conference in Indian Wells I recently had the opportunity to talk with Melanie Oudin who is in Indian Wells for the BNP Paribas Open. At 18, Oudin is a teen with adult attitude and big talent, “Don’t ever give up on anything you want to do," she says on her website. "It takes a lot more than talent to reach your dreams; it takes heart.” Work too, I have to add, plus a lot more.

I asked her about how she stays energized, fit and fashionable on court. Oh, and how much she texts. Take a page…

Teens generally don't eat very well as they are always on the go and feel fairly invincible. Would you say you eat well?  

"As an athlete, I need to take care of my body, so I pay attention to what and how I eat. This is not to say that sometimes I don't treat myself, but usually, I eat healthy meals that will keep me fueled and energized for the duration of practice or a long match."

How important is nutrition for your tennis game to be at its best?
"It's very crucial. I have heard that athletes should treat their bodies as if they are expensive cars. It matters what fuel you put into your luxury car, so whatever you feed your body, like the car, will have an effect on how it performs."

What are your day-before-a-match meal favorites and day-of-match meal tips?
"I like pasta, fruit, and some dried fruit."

How much time out of a week do you spend on fitness?

"I usually do some fitness every day. Training depends on whether I am off or in season because off-season requires more muscle building, harder fitness trainings, while in season, I often do speed and agility workouts. I like both of them, they are different work-outs."

What kinds of things do you do for fitness?

"I run a lot to build stamina. To cool off, I usually jog for 15-20 minutes. I also use the bike a lot. I do balance exercises, and stretch a lot."

What's your on court -style — the type of clothes that make you feel your best? Is what you wear something you have chosen based on your personal style? 

I like clothes that are dri-fit, that won't weigh a lot when I sweat. I like to feel comfortable in my clothes on court, and of course I like it when they look good. I like how adidas fits; I am happy with my gear.

Not tennis related at all but, on average, how many texts do you send per month?
"I love texting, I am almost addicted. I probably send over 30 texts every day. I also talk a lot on the phone, so I am guessing that my cool new Virgin Mobile* phone is going to be used a lot." 

Yup, she's a normal some ways.

*Oudin and Virgin Mobile USA have just announced a one-year contract. No dollar figures have been officially released.

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