Tennis Identity

Obiband Extends Your Tennis Wardrobe By Making Any Athletic Wear Tennis Wear.

Obiband worn over yoga pantsObiband is a tennis ball holder worn around a player’s hips allowing fast, easy, one-handed ball storage and retrieval.  You simply step into and pull the band's stretchy compression fabric over your pocketless athletic wear.

Obiband’s inventor, Kerry Rothschild, a tennis player, runner and yoga enthusiast, developed the versatile accessory that slips easily over multi-sport athletic separates. “When I wear an Obiband on the court, other players are immediately intrigued. Once they take a closer look and see how I use it during a match, they’re hooked.”

Keep an Obiband in your tennis bag for no-pocket day worries (I once played with a woman who stowed her extra ball in her bra) or for cooler temperature play where pants or leggings are often worn in lieu of a tennis skirt or shorts. My beloved Lululemon yoga pants can now be worn on court too!

Yes, the balls stay put. In match play a server can securely hold the two extra game balls (front or back) and run all over the court. Compression prevents the balls from jiggling, bouncing or falling out of the band. The fabric's moisture-wicking properties keep tennis balls sweat-free and dry. The band can hold up to 6 balls (good for training).

Obiband comes in black and white and retails for $25 USD. Multiple sizes are available to fit men and women. Find a retailer or buy online at Obiband.