Tennis Identity

Tennis Classics. Could We Please Move On?

Lucky Magazine May 2010 pg 78Jenny Kang, Lucky Magazine’s Associate Market Editor, has put together a page of tennis fashions in the May 2010 issue of the magazine — see right. I tried to contact Ms. Kang to ask her a few questions to no avail. I specifically wanted to ask her how much tennis she plays and why fashion editors consistently go to classics when they talk tennis.

In an industry that often worships back-killing shoes, wild prints, unusual colors and over-the-top adornments, it is strange to me that tennis is never interesting to fashion editors unless it’s classically styled, mostly white, maybe with a touch of navy. The Hermes fashion show last year (for this season’s “street” looks) was set on a grass court runway complete with audio of a match in session. The models wore lovely tennis inspired attire obviously not meant for the court or heavy sweating.

Tennis, it appears, has two levels of fashion 1. tennis wear for lifestyle, Hamptons-ish prep or 1800’s court tennis influenced, and 2. tennis wear for sport.

The comment next to the Fila Heritage dress in the Lucky spread reads “Throw a cardigan over it and you’ve got an unexpected, cute weekend outfit.” There are Tretorns next to the dress. Case in point.

Now Fila and Ralph Lauren do a great job of combining classic and performance for those who love that look — which is why the Fila dress works in the spread — and I’m not knocking Kang’s personal picks but if you play a lot you want variety. Maybe Lucky readers are more interested in the style and not so much in playing tennis but fashion reporters should also take note of what is actually being worn on court too, lots of jet black, vivid colors, florals, ruffles, asymmetricals and more.

Take a look through the women’s tennis fashion link here and you’ll see where tennis fashion for female players has been trending. Yes we all love vintage but there is so much more. Come on fashion editors, give it some love or at least a little attention.