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Andy Roddick and Stanislas Wawrinka Manly Up Mens Lacoste at Roland Garros.

Andy Roddick at Roland Garros Lacoste 
It's a good thing that Lacoste continues to ally itself with dynamic athletes like Andy Roddick and Stanislas Wawrinka otherwise you might think the brand was only for the chic fashion folk that frequent their ads.

As usual Roddick and Wawrinka put the brand through its paces. Pictured above at Roland Garros Roddick wears the Men's Spring Striped Tennis Polo, $88 in white with navy. It also comes navy with white, classic fit in 100% performance polyester. Classic fit means loose and a little baggy like Roddick wears it. He still tugs at the shoulders. That's got to be "ritual" at this point. Most shoulders stay put if you wear the right size.

The shorts are the Men's Spring Diamante 7", $85. They also come in white and black. I've heard talk of the white being see through but if you wear white compression shorts underneath it shouldn't be an issue.

Stanislas Wawrinka Roland Garros Lacoste
Wawrinka's Roland Garros shirt, part of the theme LACOSTE team Summer 2010, is available only in select Lacoste stores.

Available at Lacoste and Tennis-Warehouse.

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  1. I have several of these shirts in different color combos. They’ve been out for a while in Europe and aren’t coming to the u.s. All the good Lacoste Sport tennis wear is unavailable in the u.s.. We get stuck with just the low end Roddick stuff.

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