Tennis Identity

Aravane Rezai’s Midas touch. Au Revoir Venus.

Aravane Rezai Madrid Open WTA Image Getty Images Clive Brunskill Congratulations are in order for the unseeded Aravane Rezai of France who took down current #2 Venus Williams in two sets for the win at the Madrid Open this past weekend. If she keeps it up I'm predicting this Sony Ericsson WTA Tour beauty with big game will be getting more than a little attention.

At first I couldn't take my eyes off Rezai's outfit — I do focus on these things — it's not my fav but clearly she felt good in the two piece black and gold lamé tennis set; the top had ruffled armholes and the skirt, a glowing gold swirl with a black lace bottom. Just a little too much going on for me but hey fashion is individual. Some people make an art of it. Bethany Mattek comes to mind.

The tennis is what I eventually focused on. Man was Rezai taking it to V (who had on an equally creative creation of her own).

Rezai uses French stylist/fashion house Scheyda for her on court looks. I'd like to see her in something a little less fussy, more sleek but hey she's pushing the tennis fashion envelope around and Venus too so, all's good in Rezai's world at the moment.

Her weapon — and she WAS using it like one- is the Babolat Aeropro Drive. Allez!