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Does Your Tennis Bag Stink? Here’s How to Fight it.

If you or your court-mates cringe every time you open your tennis bag take note of these solutions that work hard to fight sport-stink:

StuffittsStuffitts shoe savers (left) are 100% cedar filled shoe stuffers that remove moisture and eliminate shoe odor, drying your sneakers 8 times faster than air drying alone (according to the company). Simply insert these faux little feet into your shoes after a workout and smell the difference next time you go to use them. $24.95 USD.  Use the sizing chart to get the right size.

Find them here: Stuffitts Drying Inserts for Shoes-Sport Version, Black, Large
Try using a separate bag to hold sweaty clothes and shoes inside your racquet bag. A plastic grocery bag works just fine.  Do not simply stuff your wet gear in a compartment to deal with later. If it’s in its own bag, even if you forget about it, rank odor will not permeate everything else you have packed.

Fresh Wave Pearl PacksIf your bag just wants a little overall and ongoing freshening, toss in a Fresh Wave Pearl Pack. These 3″ x 3″ mesh packs contain what looks like crystal beads, little odor eliminators that don’t use harsh chemicals or headache inducing scents to mask stink. Each lightly fragrant pine/clove/cedarwood pack “scrubs” the air in your bag for 30 days. You can also buy pods.

Find them here: Fresh Wave Fresh Pod Contains 1 sachet & 1 pod holder
One more option, wear odor-fighting apparel. Everything helps in this category. I’ve reviewed a lot of it here and will  continue to make note of it as I see it.