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Forget Sex and the City. These Fashionable Ladies Play Tennis.

Tennis and the City Eliza AudleyInspired by the television series of similar name is Eliza Audley's newest Tennis and the City Collection. The ladies who lunch, dish and shop can now hit the courts looking like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte might. Performance? Not a problem. This line is designed by a 4.0 tennis player who learned her craft at the American Fashion Institute in Paris.

Top pic, left to right, the Manhattan Dress, $128 (My pick for Miranda); Vented racer, $68 with Circle Skirt, $60;  Cowl Halter with Bra* and Zebra leggings, $80 (for Samantha); and Back Top with Bra and Circle Skirt (Charlotte).

Bottom image, left to right, the azalea Cosmo Dress with Bra, $120;  Basic Camisole with Bra, $70 and Pleated Mesh Party Skirt, $124 (my Carrie pick without the shrug); Gold Bomber Jacket, $164 with Cowl Halter* and A Line Skirt, $60.

Eliza Audley Tennis in the City Collection 1

There are a few other cute items in this group if "street style" is your thing on court. This is a trend that appears to be taking off. I've seen women wearing Eliza Audley on court and then dash to lunch or nosh. The comfort/style quotient is the key. Please note, these are not women who sweat buckets under play.

The stillettos, of course, are not going to cut it on court. Tennis sneakers will tone the outfits down a notch for your game.

BTW Is gold lamé really coming back in? Really!? Looks like Aravane Rezai is not as far off as some critics might say.

Find a retailer at Eliza Audley or buy some of the line at Tennis-Warehouse.

*Not available.

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