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Is Your Tennis Grip Bionic? It Could Be, Even if You Have Arthritis.

Bionic Gloves for tennis I've seen only a handful of players using gloves on court. Those who have converted are unable to play without them.

Curious I checked out a pair. I thought they might be a great option for someone who needed to keep their skin out of the sun or for someone with arthritis who had trouble gripping the racquet. A friend recently told me she had stopped playing for this reason.

Pictured left are a pair of Bionic gloves made especially for tennis. The padding in the palm, fills in the valleys of the hand and therefore evens out the contact surface between your hand and the racquet.  The result is a very secure grip.

If you have arthritis in your hand and your joints are usually swollen this method of padding along with the motion zones on the back of the hand helps to “pull away” the discomfort of the swollen joint allowing you more freedom of movement.  Bionic confirms that independent studies conducted by Georgia Tech University proved that people with arthritis that wore the gloves had better, pitch, grip and torque strength in their hands. 

A few other benefits: The glove allows you to grip the racquet lighter which avoids the problem of muscling the ball and makes for easier grip changes; No more calluses and blisters. You also won't need sweat absorbing overgrips any longer as the gloves contain little absorbing towels and wick moisture so no more slippage. Yes, they are machine washable.

As for sun protection, the gloves actually have an official  SPF 50 rating- which equates to 95% sun protection.

The pair the company sent me to try felt a little tight and restrictive. I think I may have selected the incorrect size. I personally don't have problems with sweaty hands, grip or arthritis (knock on wood) but think these might be something to look into if you do. Be sure to use the sizing chart on the website. Guessing is not a good idea I have learned. $29.95 per pair mens and womens. Youth sizes are less.

Find more info or buy at Bionic Gloves

Ed. note 1/2/14: the link above is a replacement of the original link. It is best fit at this time.