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Now We Know How Rafa Gets His Buff On.

Before stepping on court Rafael Nadal steps up to the plate. Nadal integrates the Power Plate into his training regime to maintain his competitive edge and super buff bod. I wrote briefly about the system last year but thought it noteworthy in light of Rafa's run and win at the French Open.

Power Plate Acceleration Training provides one of the most efficient and dynamic total-body workouts in less than 30 minutes utilizing scientifically-proven Advanced Vibration Technology that triggers involuntary muscle reactions 25-50 times per second while you exercise.  It looks really bizarre but the result is a high-intensity exercise that increases strength, improves muscle tone and balance and helps reduce body fat. Serena Williams and a host of big name celebs are also fans.

Take a look at the video (it's in Spanish, sorry non speakers). The program obviously does the trick (in combination with a lot else Nadal's got right including good genes). 

Learn more at Power Plate. Ask your club to buy one. This baby runs $4,000 - $10,000+ USD.