Tennis Identity

Wimbledon Tennis Fashion 2010: Maria Sharapova

Nike Maria Sharapova Wimbledon Dress 2010 More detail working the whites here. Maria Sharapova’s tennis dress at Wimbledon is lovely. Something I might wear, finally. I tend to go for sleek and unfussy so this is borderline for me. I love the nine undulating layers of tulle-like mesh and performance fabric. The skirt unfolds like the petals of a flower.

The Nike Maria Sharapova Lawn Tennis Dress is $120 and is designed to sculpt the body and define feminine assets.

Nike Maria Sharapova Wimbledon Dress detail This is a cool (temp wise) choice for those hot, muggy days where you want the least on as possible but have to look presentable. The wide straps criss cross in back provide decent uncutting support. The built in bra is quite tight (for good support) and goes beyond the basic shelf offering built in pads/cups for modesty and shapings sake. If you have an ample bust you might want to size up for comfort’s sake, or you could take a look at Serena’s dress.

Find the look at Nike, Tennis-Warehouse or other tennis retailers.