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Wimbledon Tennis Fashion 2010: Rafael Nadal

Nike Rafael Nadal Wimbledon shirt and shorts 2010Rafael Nadal is all Mr. Clean in his Wimbledon whites. Well, tight white top, big muscles…that’s about it I guess. I like this top though, the Vamos Lawn Crew Tennis shirt by Nike, $65 in white and light wild mango. It is very close fitting so if you don’t care for cling (most of us don’t have Nadalesq abs) try sizing up.

Nike Vamos Lawn CrewThere is another  version of this shirt as well (see below*) but Nadal has been wearing the plainer one (right) and based on his predisposition towards routines, he’s unlikely to mix it up.

If you love to match, wear the top with the long Vamos Woven short with the matching color swoosh, $60. The zip jacket is $90 and sports a little bull head as well.

Nike Mens Rush and Crush Bull t-shirtCheck out  the graphic on the men’s Rush and Crush practice t-shirt, $30. Yes that’s a pricey tee but it’s Dri-Fit and it says legions about your love of the game. Nadal has been wearing it during warm-ups and I’ve seen it at the junior tournaments.

Nike Nadal_Vamos Short_Crew detail Find it all at Nike, Tennis-Warehouse or other tennis retailers.

*this shirt is only on

One thought on “Wimbledon Tennis Fashion 2010: Rafael Nadal”

  1. On closer inspection, the outfit is not your plain Mr Clean at all. It’s full of exquisite understated details: delicate piping around the V neck, mash inserts on side, front and sleeves, relief contour lines across the backside and along the legs of shorts…
    Perfectly tailored. Not sparkling hospital white, but cream with a splash of mango. Delicious. Love it. And Nadal wears it so well (duh!).

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