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Wimbledon Tennis Fashion 2010: Roger Federer

Nike Roger Federer Wimbledon 2010 Shirt and ShortsWhen it comes to tennis whites, creating something new and different necessitates sweating the details. Case in point, Roger Federer's style at Wimbledon 2010. Man did we come close to not seeing enough of this one.

Take a look at the inset photos below to see what's going on in this head to toe ensemble.

Everything here is from the new Nike England Collection:

The top is the Nike Victory RF Lawn Men's Tennis Polo, $80. It resembles a short sleeved tuxedo shirt* with pin tucked pleats. The RF insignia is on the sleeve. It looks strict but is all stretch and performance. Ergonomic seams mean that you won't find this shirt bulky at all.

Nike Roger Federer World Polo Detail Wimbledon 2010

The shorts which do not appear to be available at the moment  are Nike Roger Federer Shorts Detail Wimbledon decorated with a fine in-woven pinstripe and gold embroidered swoosh.

The shoes, more signature gold, are the Nike Lunarlite Vapor Tour, $120.Nike Roger Federer_Footwear_Wimbledon 2010 Flywire construction makes them light.This particular version will fit a wider foot so give it a try if you have steered away from Nike for that reason.

The headband and wristbands look to be only for Roger but really who else could get away with wearing it all?

Find the looks at Nike, Tennis-Warehouse and other Nike retailers.

* The shirt is a pocketless take on a guayaberas or formal Mexican wedding shirt. Thanks to Tennisidentity reader Robert for this note.

3 thoughts on “Wimbledon Tennis Fashion 2010: Roger Federer”

  1. Not a short sleeved tuxedo shirt – rather a guayabera or Mexican wedding shirt (sans pockets).

  2. The shoes shown look great but are not what Federer wears in case anyone was interested (the photo of him has been photoshopped by Nike I assume). He is actually still wearing the older LunarLite V model decked out in a similar colour scheme to the new shoe. This was also the case at the French Open and Australian Open earlier this year.
    The reason for this is probably the poor lateral support and durability of the newer model being sold in various colour versions.

  3. Thanks for your comment about Roger’s shoes Bobby Jr. It is not surprising to me that this is done. Pros get a lot of customization that is not available to the masses. As you likely know most players like consistency in their footwear, racquets and clothing from match to match. We often see it taken to extremes in ritualistic behavior on court. It would be difficult to maintain an ongoing comfort level with a constant barrage of shoe changes. I for one like to wear the same or upgraded version of the same shoe and have only changed things up a handful of times in 10 years. It’s all about feeling solid on court. Nike is changing up styles every few months. That said, I report what the company tells me. If I know otherwise I’ll report that as well, so thanks again!

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