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Wimbledon Tennis Fashion 2010: Venus Williams

Venus Williams Wimbledon 2010 Dress Again, the details make the grade. Venus Williams dress at Wimbledon is a work of art and texture. Click on the image here and take a close look.

Venus' ELEVEN branded Slam dresses have been examples of some of the biggest trends in fashion, some of them hitting mainstream America just now.

She's played with asymmetrical lines, interesting backs, bright colors, computer designed fabrics and lingerie looks. At Wimbledon she's added fringe — 6 layers of it on the skirt. Fun. She says she was inspired by Tina Turner who is a fighter and winner herself (and wearer of tight tops and super short skirts).

Obviously this outfit can perform but you have to have the bod; no hiding anything here. The stretch fabric bodice is open and covered with stretch antique rose adorned lace, the bottom is covered with fringe that looks electrified every time Venus hits.

She's ditched the skin toned shorties which caused so much controversy and the white on white is far less distracting than the red/black Moulin Rouge style she wore in France.

I'm hearing rumblings that Venus is close to making a deal which would once again make her styles available to the public. Looking forward to it.