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Donnay Tennis Racquets. Back in Action and Custom To Your Game.

Donnay X-Black Remember Bjorn Borg's stick or Andre Agassi's in the 80s? Well the iconic Donnay is back but the racquet has undergone a major overhaul for today's player. Change was of course imperative as the game is a heck of a lot different since we last saw the triangular D.

Donnay has announced the introduction of the X-Series, a line made especially for the US. Based on patented technology called "XeneCore" 9 models will be offered: X-Black 94, X-Black 99, X-Blue 94, X-Dark Red 94, X-Red 94, X-Red 99, X-Orange 99, X-Yellow 99 and X-White 99.

The new product line has been paired with a custom fitting program to match racquet to player. Roman Prokes, owner of RPNY tennis and technical advisor to Donnay USA, is involved which is a good vote of confidence for these sticks. The guy knows his stuff. "These racquets are geared towards established players that are looking for the maximum combination of power, control and technology," said Prokes.

Donnay X-Red The techie details: XeneCore create a solid frame achieving the highest strength to weight ratio in the industry resulting in power, control, and feel.  At 1.5 gigapascals, Donnay says that the XeneCore racquets possess 50% more tensile strength than current graphite racquets, allowing for the thinnest beam width on the market at 15mm.  The torsional rigidity and stability advance the playing characteristics above providing the established player a lighter racquet for control and feel, possessing the power of a heavier model, while reducing shock and vibration.

Donnay X-White WTA player Yanina Wickmayer is currently representing the brand with a 100 year anniversary model designed just for her. The at-retail racquets range from $249-299 USD.

Customizing options: Two interchangeable butt caps (5 and 10 grams) and weight slides (2 grams for the top and 1 gram for each side) that slip into the guards offer customizing options for each new racquet. The racquet also comes with an overgrip, set of strings and a vibration dampener.

If you want even more customization or to insure that each stick in your arsenal is exactly alike you can use Prokes' service for an added fee.

Where/how to learn more/test drive: Check out the Donnay website for self-customizing options or use the Net-Fit Racquet Selector there. You can test the racquets through the site or through a listed dealer. Demos start at $30 shipping and handling plus a $200 refundable deposit.

More at Donnay USA.