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Serena Williams, Gatorade’s Queen of Aces.

Gatorade celebrated Serena William's Wimbledon victory today with the release of this video set in 1919 London. In it Williams chugs the G Series, Gatorade's newest line of sport drinks. Fully fueled she proceeds to unload the serves.

The Gatorade G Series is designed to fuel your body before, during and after practice, training or competition. The 3 step formula (which requires you to buy three different bottles) prescribes Gatorade Prime 01 for energy 15 minutes before working out; Gatordade's thirst quencher (with carbs and electrolytes) during activity; and Recover 03, a protein and carb filled beverage to quench thirst, hydrate and facilitate muscle recovery.

Leave a comment if you've tried the G Series yourself. Let me know if you see an uptick in aces.

Find it in your local supermarket.

One thought on “Serena Williams, Gatorade’s Queen of Aces.”

  1. Nice video for Serena. Haven’t tried anything but regular Gatorade but have to say Serena goes above and beyond her duties as spokesperson by always having a “G” bottle near her during her press conferences and trophy ceremonies. Even Serena knows the concept of “added value”.

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