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Venus Williams Talks Tennis Fashion and Her New Book.

On tour, this time to promote her book Come to Win, Venus Williams chats about her on court tennis fashion choices with PBS's Tavis Smiley, particularly the controversial little lace number in France. "It was really, it was about illusion…" says Williams. "It was just about a design and…most people aren't jumping in their lace, and I was running, jumping and diving…"

The player, fashion designer and oh-so-controversial nude shorties are still generating plenty of attention. I'm sure she hopes for the same for her book. It's sitting on my desk at the moment. I'll report back shorties…uhh, shortly.

Watch the whole interview (it's not just about tennis fashion) Friday night, July 16. Check local listings here.

One thought on “Venus Williams Talks Tennis Fashion and Her New Book.”

  1. When you resort to wardrobe “illusion” on-court and to wardrobe malfunction off-court, it only shows you’re 30 and desperate.
    No matter how fit you are, letting it all hang out is never a good look.

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