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10 minutes with Ana Ivanovic. On Food, Fitness and Fashion for Tennis.

NEW YORK - AUGUST 27: Ana Ivanovic celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the adidas Barricade at the adidas Performance Store on August 27, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by John W. Ferguson/Getty Images for adidas)

I had a chance to sit down with Ana Ivanovic at the adidas Barricade party. Honestly it was as comfortable as chatting with an old friend. As I'm always trying to grab some game plan from the pros we talked food, fitness and tennis fashion:

What do you eat to keep yourself in such great shape?
I try to eat VERY healthy – a lot of beef, chicken and seafood combined with veggies and rice. I'm not a big fan of pasta especially before a match. It makes me feel really full and slow so I avoid it.

What's your go-to match day breakfast?
An egg white omelet with turkey breast, toast and a cup of coffee. During a match day, bananas, power bars and power gels are helpful.

What kinds of drills do you do for fitness?
I do a lot of footwork drills, long distance running, interval training, but not a lot of weight lifting. I don't want to get bulky. My trainer mixes things up to keep it interesting for me and to keep my body from becoming too comfortable with any one exercise.

WTA Massage Facility at Pilot Pen New Haven How important is massage to your fitness?

Very. I get massages every day during training and during tournaments. It's very important to release the stresses that build up with all the hard work.

What do you like to wear on court?

I like outfits that are close fitting up top and loose from the waist down.

Do you have a say in what adidas gives you to wear?

I don't come up with the designs but do offer suggestions that make the outfits more to my liking. I might ask for a neckline change from one season to the next for example.

Do you have a favorite tennis outfit from the past? 2008 first in blue and then in orange (a good winning year).

Ana Ivanovic blue
Ana Ivanovic 1

Thanks Ana and good luck at the Open!

For a look at what Ana is wearing this year click here.

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