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Ana Ivanovic’s 2010 US Open Tennis Dress Revealed. C’mon girl! Let’s Go.

Ana Ivanovic Bank of the West Classic 2010 Getty recently announced Ivanovic's US Open 2010 tennis dress with a very meek looking shot of Ana attempting a fist (see below). Perhaps she had the flu during the shoot.

I prefer the shot at left from the just finished Bank of the West Classic which illustrates the fact that the woman still has some mojo. In it she wears the white version of the US Open dress — the one she wore at Wimbledon.

Both are the Fall 2010 adidas adilibria dress, $70, which comes in the new radiant pink with ultra beauty and white and white with Ultra Beauty.

Adilibria dress inset Click on the inset shot for detail. This is a really flattering, lightweight dress with loads of cooling detail. The color is lovely.

The adilibria collection offers leggings to go with this dress, $30; nice on a cool fall morning but a look you have to be careful of if your legs are more amply proportioned. The coordinating jacket is $75.

I can barely stand putting up this shot of Ana in her newest frock but in the interest of giving you the whole picture, here you go:

Ana Ivanovic US Open 2010 Tennis Fashion