Tennis Identity to Sell EleVen by Venus Williams. Sneak a Peek and Purchase August 27.

EleVen by Venus Williams at GILT yellow
EleVen by Venus Williams at GILT red

EleVen by Venus Williams is available!  On August 27, the second day of a two day wellness/fitness event at, at exactly noon EST the online retailer will be selling off-the-rack EleVen including versions of two of Venus's most discussed 2010 styles, her lemon yellow dress at the Australian Open and her lacy/racy from The French. This is a "one day" only sale that will last 36 hours.

Both performance dresses will sell for 40 percent off recommended retail.

Now the deal with If you are not familiar with the shopping site, you have to register to be a customer (not a big deal at all). You also have to shop quickly because the sale of each item is limited in quantity and time. Items go back to stock if they sit in your cart more than 10 minutes. Yikes! That's tough for me as I'm a bit of a browser. If you miss Friday's sale, don't worry, EleVen will go on sale again as Gilt has contracted with Williams for a year. Subscribe to the site to stay in the know.

The Friday sale will also have a variety of other fitness products, up to 70 percent off retail – same deal, that day only.

Check it all out at

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