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I AM…THE COMPETITION. With View Sport you want sweat to show.

ViewSPORT tee shirt sweaty New in “smart” fabrics, ViewSPORT’s sweat activated technology makes hidden messages appear in athletically inclined fabric. Sweat hard, and the message that appears tells it like it is.

My favorite pictured left, I AM, and after a set in the heat, THE COMPETITION. The harder you sweat, the stronger the image. Awesome. Pictured right is another of the messages dry, great for your workout hit. Wet it says “All you need is you.”

ViewSPORT female

Until now, I have been an avoider of sweat showing fabrics.

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Take note that the shirts have special washing instructions (inside out, cold water only, no bleach or oxygen based cleansers) because of the technology.

Find the tees at ViewSPORT.

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11 thoughts on “I AM…THE COMPETITION. With View Sport you want sweat to show.”

  1. I went to buy a “I AM THE COMPETITION” shirt, however, it appears they are back-ordered indefinitely.

  2. Hi there Ben!
    Unfortunately, due to the large amount of press we have been getting, the “I AM THE COMPETITION” V-neck has sold out. We are working quickly to get our inventory filled again and they will be available shortly, that’s a promise.
    I would suggest becoming a fan of our Facebook page to stay up to date on new products, specials, and announcements including when the short will be available for purchase again. Here is the link:
    Thanks for the support Ben and keep working hard!

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