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Melanie Oudin to Wear Her COURAGE on Her Feet At the US Open.

Oudin mi adidas Barricade Melanie Oudin will wear the word COURAGE on her custom mi adidas footwear at the 2010 US Open (click on the image to blow it up). Her 2009 pair, imprinted BELIEVE, took her to the US Open quarterfinals.

“The reason I chose the word COURAGE is because in order to believe you have to have the courage to do so,” said Oudin.  “Courage to me means playing with no fear and going for it no matter what.  You can believe in yourself so much but unless you have the courage to go on the court and put yourself on the line every time you won't make it. You need courage and belief to make it to the top.”  Totally agree. You've obviously got a lot more than me my friend.

Make a pair of Barricade 6.0s like Oudin's (acid buzz, new navy, collegiate purple and black/white) or design your own at mi adidas, $150.00. Men you can go for your own design but this one's not bad for you either.

Remember with custom you can get a different size and width for each foot so make the most of the purchase if you need it. You can even choose sole density.