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Rafael Nadal: Tennis Fashion US Open 2010 Day and Night. Look out Gotham City.

Nike Rafael Nadal day 2010 US Open
Like Bruce Wayne and Batman, Rafael Nadal is ready for night fighting in Gotham City.

Day-time color infusion. Check. Standard issue for Rafa  But night-time..what's this? He's going all stealth with sparing dashes of brightness — small bits of hot lime on his shirt and shoes. Hmmm…I like it though.

Pictured above Rafa wears his day look, the super lightweight Nike Dri-Fit Vamos Court Crew Tennis Shirt $65 in hot lime. This is his US Open day look. His shorts are the Vamos Tennis Shorts (they are available in black and white), $60. The shoes, are the Nike Air Max Courtballistic 2.3, $120.

Rafael Nadal Day US Open 2010 detail 
Rafael Nadal Day tennis shoes US Open 2010

Nike Rafael Nadal night 2010 US Open Nadal's evening style is very simply black. Flashes of hot lime add excitement like bright lights on a dark skyline.

This is the first time we've seen Nadal in all black. It's certainly an authoritative color that alludes to stealth beings of the night and a go-to statement for fashionable clubbers in NYC.

All that aside, I'd fear him across the net in this no question. This style is not as friendly as those that have come before. Maybe that's the intention. After all he's never won the US Open and he wants it bad.

Rafael Nadal Night US Open 2010 detail
Rafael Nadal Night Tennis shoe US Open 2010
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