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Tennis Fashion: US Open 2010 Maria Sharapova Day and Night

Maria Sharapova Day Dress on US Open 2010Maria Sharapova loves to dress it up for the court and her newest designs incorporate fashion trends hitting the streets as well as some of her own mind — this year a look to the past and nod to the future.

Sharapova has two dresses for the US Open, one for day (more casual) and one for night (dressy). Take a look…a New York City day IS tame compared to a night isn't it?

Sharapova's day dress comes in one color, retro (a blue/green color), rattan and anthracite and is a tad reminicent of something June Cleaver might have worn. I think it's the collar; remember those very elegant "house dresses?"

Maria Sharapova Day Dress US Open 2010 detail The Nike Maria Sharapova NYC Day Dress is of course modified to move and breathe with a big game and little touches, like buttons and piping add panache to an otherwise very retro style. I haven't tried it on but it looks comfortable and unclingy. A simple toss it on and go. All DriFit of course, $110.

Maria Sharapova Night Dress on US Open 2010 Sharapova's night dress is another story. She looked fab in it at the Nike event — very New York and a bit futuristic. The night silhouette has luxe energy with tuxedo inspired lapels and couture design elements like a ruched skirt and seam detail at the bust line.

The Maria Sharapova NYC Night Dress sells for $150, a price that is justified by the amount of detail in this cocktails worthy tennis dress. Check out the inset pics for some of my favorite assets. The deep purple, called "ink," is regal in combination with the black. Really like this one.

Maria Sharapova Night Dress US Open 2010 detail
Maria Sharapova Night dress detail 2 US Open 2010
Maria Sharapova Night Dress detail 3 US Open 2010 

Left to right above: the collar and bodice front, the back and the skirt overlay.

Find both dresses at Nike, Tennis Warehouse and other tennis retailers worldwide.

4 thoughts on “Tennis Fashion: US Open 2010 Maria Sharapova Day and Night”

  1. Sorry, Sharapova’s night dress looks like something a very young tailor apprentice might concoct.
    Nothing goes with anything (severe lapels, flowy skirt; dull black, plastic purple). Overall, dress has the grace of the Frankenstein monster with visible seams. Ungainly and too busy. Worst feature: valance-like lowered skirt.
    Also, Nike ALWAYS make her dresses too tight around the armpits, so her flesh overflows there.
    How difficult is to dress a tall and slim girl? Very difficult for Nike, apparently.

  2. Hi Bibi. Thanks for your comment. Maria IS a bit of an apprentice in fashion design as aside from handbags she has only designed tennis attire as far as I know.
    I agree that there is a lot going on with this dress but Maria did look beautiful in it in NY the other night– then again Maria could look stunning in just about anything.
    I will be surprised if I see this dress show up on any court I play on but it very likely could show up in the very high-end markets where wearing the “in thing” is important and money is no object.

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