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10 minutes with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. On Food, Fitness and Style.

Jo Wilfried Tsonga 1 First things I noticed about Jo-Wilfried Tsonga were his smile and his shoes, retro suede lace ups. The guy is a sharp dresser and quite charming to boot. Really nice guy.

Although recovering from a knee injury and not playing the Open, I caught up with Tsonga in New York:

How’s the knee?

Getting better every day.

Tsonga shoes Where did you get those shoes?

adidas in France. I don’t think they sell them here. You like them?

You’re in great shape. What are you doing these days and what do you eat to stay trim and strong? (I’m always looking for tips..)

I eat pretty light, everything but not heavy or greasy: pasta, fish, no fried foods or cream sauces.

So no French foods?


Match day breakfast?

Cereal, eggs and grape juice

What do you do for fitness when you are healthy?

Run, lift weights..a little of everything. I work on fitness more than I hit balls.

What about massage? Is it important?

I see a physio after each practice and match. Massage and stretching are both important to my game. I believe you will be a better performer if you take care to recover after hard work.

What do you like to wear on court?

Tsonga mi adidas I love adidas and have been wearing it since I was a junior when I was buying my own clothes. Now they give me 2-3 shirts and 2-3 shorts for each tournament and I choose what I wear. It doesn’t matter to me if something is close or loose fitting but I love bright flashy colors. They look good with my skin tone.

Tsonga looks to return to the ATP tour in Tokyo for the Rakuten Open next month.

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