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Move Over NTRP There’s a New Cowboy in Town.

Tencap Rating Scale Image
So you want to see how you might fare in a match against Joe Braggart at your club? The USTA's  National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) system offers some guidance but if you (and he) don't play USTA you are stuck with eyeballing and espionage in assessing your chances against JB.

Enter TencapTennis. The Tencap ranking system assesses an initial rating (0 to 80 — 80 being a first time beginner) based upon basic data you enter to start and then adjusts as you play others in the Tencap system. The service helps you determine your level and find competitive games in your city, region or when traveling. It can also help you to identify a similarly skilled doubles partner. Your rating adjusts every time you enter new scores. Within a couple of matches you will begin to know where you stand.

If you play USTA and already have a NTRP, Tencap provides an even more accurate measure of play. NTRPs only adjust once a year and a 3.5 player can be a rollover from 3.0 or just about to move to 4.0. This system can help team captains justify placements at 1, 2 and 3 and can help you find people to play outside your regular group.

The biggest challenge I see with this is getting enough people into the
system. First step in the right direction though, the company allows
anyone to register, free of charge.

Here's a video with more detail: