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Addicted: Gavin Rossdale on Hitting with Roger Federer

We all know Gavin Rossdale’s a tennis player, big fan and good friend of Roger Federer. So what’s it like to hit with Roger when you’re not a pro? This, excerpted from DETAILS magazine, November 2010 by Jonah Weiner, is what Rossdale had to say:

Details: You play tennis regularly with your friend Roger Federer. Ever come close to beating him?

Gavin Rossdale: No, it doesn’t really work like that! With Roger, my fun is just to hit with him enough so it’s a workout for him. That’s my Wimbledon: to hit with Roger and not waste his time. I’ve scored points on him, of course. If you hit a good serve, you could take out anyone in the world. But can you do it over five sets? Probably not.”

For the full interview visit DETAILS. That’s it on tennis though.