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Rafael Nadal Jumps On the Suka Jan Trend in Japan.

Nike Rafael Nadal in  Hoodie from Back JapanAs a lover of Asian style tattoo art count me in on Nike's newest hoodie if I ever get my hands on it. It was given to Rafael Nadal by Nike Japan in honor of his success at the Rakuten Japan Open and inaugural trip to the country. I'm not sure it is meant for the court but I'd wear it to and from for sure.

The hoodie was inspired by a traditional stadium style Japanese jacket called "Suka Jan." famous for its beautiful embroidery work. They have become quite popular in and around Tokyo. Nike teamed with acclaimed Japanese tattoo artist Akilla for the colorful needlework on Rafa's.

According to Nike the four Japanese characters on the back spell out "Raging Bull Attack." We all know the bull reference is to Nadal. Japan is represented through an image of Mt. Fuji as well as red and purple peonies, red representing the national color of Japan and purple nobility.

 The front of the zip up, features the face of the Raging Bull with a white snake (perhaps for craftiness). The hood is adorned with a gold embroidered peony, one on each side.

Not available but my bet is if we all yell loud enough, they'll make em. It happened that way with Roger Federer's original RF jacket.

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