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Ellesse talks 2011 tennis fashion. Considers distribution in US again.

Ellesse Italy Ellesse, designer of Italian made sportswear, hasn't distributed tennis apparel in the US for a few years now. Times may be a changing as they are thinking of coming back for Spring/Summer 2011, not 100% yet but thinking about it. Those in Spain, Portugal, Italy or the UK, you are all set.

Ellesse is quality stuff. The company designs its lines by country so what you see on sponsored player Nadia Petrova, for example, may not be available where you are. Are Italian tennis buyers really that different from those in the UK?

Pictured here are a few pieces from Ellesse's 2011 Spring/Summer lines. For men the look here is part of the Italian Men's Tennis Range which includes the same shorts in a cobalt blue as well as a warm-up jacket and pant. For women, the dress is part of the Italian Women's Classic Tennis Range and includes a skort, top, jacket and warm-up pant. The alternative color is a base of the peachy red hue with yellow and white accents. Pretty.

In Spain and Portugal Ellesse will distribute a hot looking black and white collection. I like the pleated skirt with coordinating top and hope Petrova wears it. In England they are going with pink and blue for women. Men's UK is a collection of navy, summit blue and white as well as another in bright yellow, gray and black.

There must be method to this madness. Time will tell which collection is destined for the States.

Learn more at Ellesse or find a store with their Store Finder.

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  1. Great brand, they used to spot Guillermo Vilas and Boris Becker. They are more recognized by their winter sports apparel.

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