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Novak Djokovic’s 2011 Racquet. HEAD Introduces a Speed IG Line.

HEAD_Novak_Djokovic_Speed_3 Novak Djokovic hits Australia with a new HEAD racquet in hand, the YouTek IG Speed MP 18/20, one of six in the new HEAD Speed IG series.This second generation YouTek blends the best of the d3o technology introduced in '09 with HEAD's newest Innegra fiber technology. 

Tough and light, Innegra (also used in F1 cars) is said to improve stability and shock absorption and provide consistent performance over the entire life of the frame.  

The Speed series racquet group includes a 300 gram MP version of Djokovic's for easier playability (for those not at the higher echelons of the game).

Below are more details on the different versions of the series. All have just about the same cosmetic:

– YouTek IG Speed Pro: This racquet offers a heavier frame with a very thin beam, providing great touch and feel. It comes with a synthetic leather grip and cap.

– YouTek IG Speed MP 16/19: Offers a combination of power and feel in a slightly longer version to accommodate a wide range of players.100 sq. in. head.

– YouTek IG Speed MP 18/20: Djokovic's racquet. This stick will appeal to a wide range of players with its combination of power and feel. 100 sq. in. head.

– YouTek IG Speed 300: A more powerful MP version which makes shots faster with less effort. This racquet offers good power and control. 100 sq in. head, 16/19.

HEAD_YouTek_IG_Speed_Lite – YouTek™ IG Speed Elite: A Tour Light version providing tour performance with greater maneuverability. The slightly wider beam gives it even more power. 100 sq. in. head.

– YouTek™ IG Speed Lite: This is the lightest racquet in the Speed series. A great tweener providing a combination of power, maneuverability, control and feel. It’s a good choice for players with a moderate swing style. 102 sq in head, 16/19.

The YouTek IG Speed MP 16/19, YouTek IG Speed MP 18/20 and YouTek IG Speed Lite will all hit retail 1/17.  The YouTek IG Speed 300 and YouTek IG Speed Elite will not be available until March.

Djokovic Monstercombi tennis bag The tennis bag that goes with this line includes the Djokovic backpack (holds 1 racquet), combi (holds 3-5) or monster combi (holds up to 10 but that would be tight).

Learn more at HEAD tennis or test drive and buy at Tennis Warehouse or tennis racquet retailers worldwide.

 Djokovic's apparel, nice ehh? I'll leave it for another day 🙂

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