Tennis Identity

Cocktails or tennis? The ruffle on Caroline Wozniacki’s ruffle.

Caroline Wozniacki at BNP Paribas Open copyright Getty Images New tournament, new dress for WTA #1 Caroline Wozniacki. Really pretty color but ALOT of opining on that ruffled neckline. 

It's the contrast that evokes discussion. Elegant cocktail detail (the kind you'd see in Palm Beach at 5) juxtaposed with a fitted athletic cut, match worn hair, sweat and a fierce backhand. The collar pushes boundaries but isn't that what fashion does?

The dress performs, Caro's on a roll. What we are really seeing is tennis fashion at its best; an on court look that allows unique style self-expression without getting in the way of game.

The Tennis Ruffle Dress is performance apparel from adidas by Stella McCartney, $120 and is designed to be worn over the same undergarments that Wozniacki's AO look was. It comes in blueprint (as here, the color in Royal Copenhagen porcelain) and white. There's a cute short sleeved performance jacket that goes with it. 

Check out the matching manicure too. Pretty woman.