Tennis Identity

Drinkin’ green on court. Hydration via Vapur.

Vapur Blue, front (white background)Vapur, the good-for-the-earth "anti-bottle," is designed to let you tap water or whatever you drink on court anywhere. Tennis players, these space savers stand tall when filled and fold flat to a fraction when empty; no more empty water bottles rolling around your bag or at home on the counter. 

FDA approved and BPA free they are $10 USD for the .5L with a carabiner to attach to your bag. Wash in the dishwasher upside down. Freezable too. If you drink a lot while you play, bring two or more. I go through one pretty quickly.

Vapur Black, front, folded

According to Vapur only 23% of the 50 billion water bottles sold annually worldwide are recycled. 38 billion are dumped in landfills. Do your part, use a recyclable bottle and refill with tap water; 89% in the US meets or exceeds regulations. 

Find the bottles at Vapur or use the Find Store button on the site.