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Is sun protection in tennis apparel a gimmick?

Have you ever gotten a sunburn through your clothes? Yeah I've heard you can get burned through your clothes but I never have. Where the clothes are no tan, no burn. So what's the big deal about sun protection built into apparel? It's in everything including the strappiest little tennis camis and dresses. Silly. If you are going to wear a skimpy top sunny skied mid-day you are either slathering on the sunblock or you are going for color.

What I'd like to see these companies make is tennis apparel that offers super lightweight, breathable coverage. Sun avoiders are getting heatstroke in the long sleeved garments out there.

Get to work guys. From the looks of the courts in Florida there are a lot of people playing tennis covered up and they look hot. 

3 thoughts on “Is sun protection in tennis apparel a gimmick?”

  1. I was not careful in the sun when I was a kid. It’s never too late, but sun protection starts at infancy. Nowadays, hopefully the players and fans have sufficient knowledge and know what to do.
    Because, it’s not just the players, it’s all those people sitting under the hot sun watching the games!
    Have a Sun Safe Day!

  2. Hi TI.
    One company has done a great job creating a ultra light upf 50 Tennis garment. SanSoleil…Sun Care You Can Wear… only creates long sleeve, sun protective garments.
    They focus on the tennis and golf market. Garments are created to meet the requirements of these sports.
    Go to to see.

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