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Is your tennis game headed outside again? Consider a string tension adjustment.

Outdoor tennis Those of us not lucky enough to live south are starting to head outside to play tennis again. After being indoors all winter the change takes adjustment. Going from 70 degrees to 48 takes some obvious wardrobe changes; add game adjustments factoring in wind, sun and noise but what about racquet strings?

I asked Ron Yu at Priority One (P1) tennis about making stringing adjustments for colder temperatures.

"Adjusting strings due to playing conditions can be a difficult thing to figure out since it can vary from player to player, said Yu. "In most cases, players will increase tension a bit when it gets warmer, and lower tension a bit when it gets colder.  So for players moving outdoors to colder conditions, they may want to lower tensions a pound or two."

That said, Yu added that "some of our clients like Gael Monfils will stick to the same tension regardless of the weather conditions.  He'll string his racquets at 26/25 kilograms no matter where he is."

And so, as in many things related to tennis, it's personal feel.