Tennis Identity

Official 2011 Babolat Roland-Garros tennis equipment announced.

Two historic French brands have teamed up to offer a new Roland Garros range created by Babolat. The line-up includes tennis racquets, tennis bags, balls, over grips and more all themed with the color of the French Open's clay courts. Mais oui, yes they are sharp looking.

Roland Garros_Aeropro DriveThe Aeropro Drive French Open is the showpiece and comes in three Roland Garros versions to suit your ability: Aeropro Drive French Open, $199 unstrung (Nadal and Tsonga use this stick), E Sense Comp French Open, $99 strung (lighter of the two adult racquets), Aeropro Drive Junior French Open $140 strung.  Head sizes are the same on all three. Differences are in weight and construction. All are cosmetic updates to existing Babolat frames.

Babolat Roland Garros 12 pack tennis bag The Roland-Garros tennis bag comes as a six $60 or twelve pack $80, both have the isotherm racquet compartment which protects your string job from big temperature changes. There is also a back pack for $40 and club bag. New themed tennis balls, over grips and dampeners are also part of the collection.

Babolat Roland Garros_Ball Find the line soon at Tennis Warehouse or find a local retailer at Babolat. Available May 2011.