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THE TENNiS APP. Tennis lessons from the Bryans in your iPhone.

THE TENNiS APP logo File this one under How did I miss this? THE TENNiS APP offers detailed tennis instruction courtesy of Bob and Mike Bryan, yeah – the number one doubles team in the world. Whatever you want to work on, slice approach, forehand volley, overhead, the basics are there (trick shots too) and in the palm of your hand (for iPhone and iPad).

THE TENNiS APP sample screen shot on iPad The App offers a look at the strokes of a few pro players and gives succinct text commentary on what you are watching. You can replay again and again frame by frame to visually ingrain the techniques in keep-on-doin-it-the-old-way brains.

Add news, rankings, scores for current tournaments and, bonus for lefties, the App can automatically flip instruction to help a lefty’s game. You won’t need to mentally transpose the videos.

Bob bryan and roger federer with tennis app shirt Behind the App are the Bryans of course as well as a team of teaching pros and tour players.

Find it now in the App store under THE TENNiS APP. Free. Available for Android devices later in 2011.

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