Tennis Identity

A tennis bracelet that’s pretty/useful.

Count Me Healthy Tennis Bracelet side

When I think tennis bracelet I think diamonds and really nothing actually meant for the court. The Count Me Healthy tennis bracelet is different. 

This silver plated bracelet hugs your wrist fairly loosely and the little tennis balls slide the length of the wire. Use it for keeping count of games won, aces, drop shots, glasses of water throughout the day… whatever. 

Count Me Healthy Tennis Bracelet Keeping track of a games won seems the most logical as you can push six balls to each side of a center point on the main wire. I'd make the balls closest to my body my games and those on the other side my opponent's. Slide a ball up to center to notch a win. The balls really do stay put; if you go over six start pushing them back. Obviously this is useful in places where score systems are lacking (public courts) and where chatting between points is distracting. I've been there. 

The bracelet retails for $88 USD at Count Me Healthy Jewelry. It comes in a pretty gift box and is adjustable to fit many wrist sizes. A fun and useful gift idea for a women with a tennis identity.