Tennis Identity

It was a work shirt for Roger Federer and jeans for Anna Wintour.

Nike Mens Summer Trophy Crew Did you notice Roger Federer’s shirt in Miami? Collarless. That’s a big change. He looked so, well..casual, ready to hit the town courts. Not a bad thing of course but this was Roger Federer. Alas even Anna Wintour was wearing jeans so everyone in club RF was feeling the mood.

Roger’s change likely has more to do with what sells best but to me the grey, collarless crew neck symbolized that the guy has some work to do. Roger said so much himself after losing to Nadal in the semifinals.

So for the moment, no more over-the-top coordination like at the US Open 2010 or Wimbledon 2009

Nike Roger Federer Maestro tee-shirt I actually like the new shirt (love grey and black together) and liked it on Roger but felt a little sad; like the emperor had lost his fine clothes. He was dressed like one of us and I missed the maestro.

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