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New app. Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors.

Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors Tennis109 with Jimmy Connors is a new app for iPhone that features the 109 title winning phenom as your personal pro.

The app includes a section loaded with game improving instruction on a wide variety of shots and strokes, and a section featuring his thoughts/insight on the game past, present and future as well as his greatest matches, toughest opponents and more. There are bulleted tips and a spot within the app to jot notes down on your own game as well. 

The content is presented in rich, clear video filmed on the courts of the Malibu Racquet Club. Man is it gorgeous.

Jimmy Connors 109 logo As apps go, this one is up there at $9.99 USD, but with privates running from $30-200 per hour depending on the pro and area, it's a relative bargain that offers the recreational player some good things to think about when on court and the ability to reference it all again and again.

If you are a Connors fan from back in the day you'll also enjoy the insight interview segments. The signature vest is omnipresent.

Keep in mind that Connors hits a pretty flat ball. If you are a modern-day heavy spin hitter some of the instruction will not feel like a fit for your game. More old school shot makers will feel a fit right away.

Find "Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors" in the iTunes store. At this time the app is only available for iPhone. The developer is aiming for a Windows version in time for Wimbledon.

Download tip: There is a lot of video content here and the app should be downloaded from your computer first. Load it to your phone from there.

Here's a video (more of a commerical):