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Yonex releases enhanced line of Power Cushion Tennis shoes.

Yonex Tennis Power Cushion Shoes307 Leveraging the success of its previous models, the newly released Yonex tennis shoes retain the cushioning characteristics and lightweight feel synonymous with past Power Cushion Tennis shoes and add a lot more.

Yonex says that the new 3-Layer Power Cushion now absorbs 30% more shock and provides 5% more repulsion than the original Power Cushion. In addition, Tough Brid Technology provides greater elasticity and shape retention. As a result the shoe continues to provide a high level of cushioning performance even under the stress of high impact footwork.

Yonex Tennis Power Cushion Shoes108 Yonex Tennis Power Cushion Shoes307CL Complementing the cushioning of the shoe are technological enhancements that improve breathability, flexibility, stability, durability and lightness.

There are 7 new tennis shoes in the line-up. The Power Cushion 307, $125 USD is above left (also in black and yellow, below, special for clay surfaces) and Power Cushion 108, $90, right.

I really like the gold and black model. Really sharp without too much flash.

There are mens and women's shoes in the new range. All of the above pictured are men's.

Find more info at Yonex or buy at Tennis-Warehouse or tennis retailers worldwide.