Tennis Identity

About that String Thing.

String Thing The String Thing is a lightweight hand-held tool that will quickly and evenly straighten your tennis racquet strings with a few quick up and down swipes. Straight, in position strings mean better hits. 

We’ve all pushed the lone string or two back in position with our fingers, something pretty easy to do, but this little gadget covers your whole racquet face fast straightening all of your strings in less than 6 seconds. It really works well.

Interestingly this little device is popular with women who pay big to keep their nails looking lovely. For manicured nails straightening tight strings by hand is a no-no. I’ve seen polish adorned hands pushing strings around with pens and keys.

The String Thing is available for both open (16 x19) and dense (18 x20) string patterns. $19.95 USD. More info or buy at String Thing, Tennis-Warehouse as well as many tennis retailers in the US.