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Ana Ivanovic’s Wimbledon whites by adidas.


Ana Ivanovic won a spirit boosting – for her-  first round at Wimbledon  (6-0, 6-1) yesterday. Her tennis dress was the new and equally clean adiZero Feather dress.

Ana's dress detail Take a look at the inset shot above to see the pattern that runs through the lightweight fabric. It’s a beautiful tonal graphic, soft and holistic, a little arts and crafts era , and very reflective of the person I talked with last summer before the Open.

The pleats in the front of the skirt add interest and release any tightness around the thighs while moving. The back is also motion friendly, designed with a unique t-back. I love the square neckline and sleek styling.

adidas continues to offer its performance tennis dresses with sports bra and shorties included in the price, Total for all, $70.00 USD. I love this. Keep it up adidas! Makes getting dressed so simple and the outfits always look great.

Ivanovic’s shoes are the adiZero Tempaia, $120.

Find Ana’s tennis apparel here.

Let’s go girl!


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