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Andy Murray’s Wimbledon whites by adidas.

Andy_Murray_Wimbledon So if you are a relaxed dresser on court, meaning you like the looser fit, more casual style classics, you will love Andy Murray's look at Wimbledon.

He's wearing top to bottom adidas Barricade: crew in white, $55 USD, shorts, $45 and shoes, the Barricade grass 6.0 ( special for grass* not available at retail). The 6.0's for hard courts are $125.00.

The shirt also comes as a polo but I really like this casual looking crew a lot. Accents of intense green and royal blue add modern pop. It comes in XS-XXL sizes which makes the big bears awfully happy.

You can't see but this top has excellent cooling qualities in its mesh construction. Bonded seams contribute to total comfort.

*For those that haven't seen grass court shoes, they have a dimpled bottom almost like a tiny nubbed golf shoe.They are just about impossible to find in the US. They trash grass courts which is one of the reasons they hand them out so selectively.

Here's Murray's full look. I like.




Find it at adidas , adidas Performance stores (LOVE the one in NYC), Tennis-Warehouse and tennis retailers worldwide beginning late July.


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  1. I love to play tennis and the problem for me was always about choosing the best outfit for the game. I absolutely love this shirt!

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