Tennis Identity

Rafael Nadal’s Wimbledon whites. Tennis fashion 2011.

Nike Rafael Nadal London Wimbledon 2011 And so we turn to tennis whites. Our boy, usually decked in the brightest of hues, looks positively angelic in head to toe white accented ever so slightly with thin strips of treasure blue.

Nike_London_Wimbledon Rafa_Nadal shirt detail If there’s anything to talk about here it’s the fabric. Nike marches on coming up with even more ways to make fabrics breathe, stretch, and move with no bother to the athlete. 

Nike London Wimbledon Shirt detail 1 A close look at Rafa’s new shirt, the Ace Lawn Crew, reveals an all over engineered jacquard mesh for breathability; it’s smartly laid wider under the arms. The white on white print is a nod to court lines, ribbons on the grass. Sonic welding keeps seams from chafing.

Rafa’s Ace shirt runs $65 USD, the fall woven shorts, also $65. Mesh on the inseams lets heat out. His tennis shoes, the Nike Air Court Ballistic 3.3 will run you $125.

Nike London Wimbledon Rafa Nadal Tennis Shoe

Nice, clean look for All-England. Allows us to focus on Rafa’s magic ehh? 

Find it all at Nike, Tennis-Warehouse and tennis retailers worldwide.

For a video description Rafa’s Wimbledon tennis fashion, visit the TennisIDENTITY Youtube page.