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Beat the Heat: Fight dehydration with Pedialyte. Sharapova does.


Summertime heat can be tough, especially on a hard court. In a press conference today Maria Sharapova revealed that she has used Pedialyte during high heat matches. Sharapova was certainly not endorsing the product but mentioned that during her run through the U.S. hard court season last year she remembers "Just trying to stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of Pedialyte."

According to Abbott Labs (makers of Pedialyte, a product for sick children) "Pedialyte provides a precise balance of electrolytes, sugars and water." Sports drinks can be high in carbohydrates (sugar) and too low in sodium (an important electrolyte lost during diarrhea/vomiting) and are not the best choice for kids fighting dehydration. 

Maintaining proper hydration is critical for both body and mind on court. Interesting that the Pedialyte formula looks to be useful in fighting dehydration for a heavy-sweating, high-level athlete as well as a sick child.

Sharapova's next stop will be the women's US Open Series season opener, the Bank of the West Classic in Stamford, CA. She enters as WTA world #5.

Find Pedialyte in your local supermarket or pharmacy. App. $10 USD for 8 powder packs that will each make 1 cup of the solution. It also comes in a liquid form. More on hydration and fitness here at Web MD.

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