Tennis Identity

New racquet brand BOLT strikes the tennis market.

BOLT tennis racquet 98 sq in 18 x 20 Is there room for another tennis racquet brand? Brett Bothwell, director of BOLT Sports thinks so and he has what he calls a "vastly improved" stick. 

It is well known that tennis racquet retailers tend to primarily use paint job changes for the "new model" of an older version. There are certainly technological innovations from time to time but not all that often.

BOLT tennis racquet zip strips detail 100 sq in 16 x 19 pattern Bothwell says BOLT racquets offer innovation you can feel right away. The "zip-strip," located at 3, 9 and 12 o'clock on the racquet head, is a suspension system that carries racquet strings, holding them off the bed of the frame. The result, says Bothwell, is an explosive, almost vibration-free impact with hit.

BOLT currently offers two models, the B98, 98 sq. in. (blue and black) and B100, 100 sq. in. (orange and black) that both list for $215 USD unstrung. These are intermediate to advanced racquets (stringing variables and head size can help in either direction). The company will make string recommendations based on your level and style of play.

Hungarian and Swedish Davis Cup players are currently play-testing the racquets. 

Available to test drive and buy only at BOLT beginning August 1, 2011.