Tennis Identity

Day and night at the US Open. Maria Sharapova in new Nike.

I'm impressed. As much as Maria Sharapova has going on outside of tennis she is still rockin' the courts; her latest jump from 7 to #4 in the world. 

The starlet (you have to admit she has become one) has two outfits planned for the US Open. Here's Janice Lucena, creative director at Nike tennis, to take you through the two dresses:


11069_Nike_Maria_102_webThe Maria Ace Day dress is soft and flowy in feel with accents of solar red, light touches in front, bigger bang of color in back. 

For night it's a much more sleek and fitted dress inspired by night in the city, black and grey with flashes of drama. Check out that strappy back (in video) in high voltage yellow, an energizing contrast to what is a stately skyscraper palate. I do not see the night dress for sale anywhere. Likely it's a Maria only item.

11069_Nike_Maria_Teams_web I really like the separates in the Maria Ace group however, and want to point to this two piece set, left, which I think will be more popular on rec courts than the dress. Madison Keys is one player to look for wearing this set. Top and skort are $65 each. It comes in a variety of colors.

Sharapova's shoes are the Nike Lunarlon Speed 3, $120. 

11069_Nike_Maria_LunarSpeed_web Find it all at Nike, Tennis-Warehouse and tennis retailers worldwide.