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Caroline Wozniacki’s Look for the US Open + Fall/Winter 2011 adidas by Stella McCartney for tennis.

And here it is, the eagerly awaited new FW 2011 tennis line from Ms. Stella McCartney for adidas. What to choose? There are so many great pieces. Look for it all on Caroline Wozniacki over the next few months. 

Stella dress FW 2011 inset bodice of dress "It's work out wear with attitude…" says McCartney. The group combines touches of both feminine and masculine detailing to give off a strong air of confidence. 

The "flavors" to choose from in the group are chalk white, universe grey (top on Caroline below), continental grey (darker grey top below), simple beige and calvi yellow (more of a pastel).

Wozniacki's dress for the US Open 2011 is in chalk white ($130 USD). It is currently my pick as the Porshe of tennis dresses for a lot of reasons. Is this the kind of detail and construction I miss by never buying couture? Probably.

Pictured above right is a section of the bodice. "Stella McCartney" is knit right into the horizontal elastic under the bust (enlarge pic with a click). The mesh side insets keep the body cool.

A very unusual, modern neckline Stella dress inset 2 fall winter 2011 contrasts with the empire waist, a smooth front ending in a tidy row of crisp, tux shirt-like pleats on front only that ride just higher than the back which drops a bit. On, it looks like you are wearing two layers of closely fitted men's tanks; the fabric is as light as thin silk but is stretchy climalite as any adidas performance garment. Note that the white is distinctly creamy, not bright at all (the images are deceiving). 

You will absolutely need the Seamless Performance Bra under the dress. Any other bra is going to wreck the look of the neckline. Add $45 for the bra and shorties.


Adidas by Stella MCartney Lycra Tank inset neckline FW 2011 Fit: To be honest, the dress is for the super-fit. It is not forgiving to a less than perfect midsection at all, neither is the lycra tank, above (which has marvelous detail too – see inset left in calvi).

As a lover of looser tops I will turn my purchasing attention to the pleated Easy Tank Tennis Skirt ($85), Easy Tank, ($75, left) Tennis shorts , Clima Polo ($85), Tennis Shorts ($65, right) and Tennis Sleeveless Hoodie in universe grey ($100).  All have the looser fit and look I personally breathe easier in. But if you've got the pecs (and no extras), definitively give the tighter looks a try.

Check out the zip warm up jacket too, $150. It's lightweight and super cozy in a flattering pale beige.

Find it all at shop adidas and Tennis-Warehouse.

2 thoughts on “Caroline Wozniacki’s Look for the US Open + Fall/Winter 2011 adidas by Stella McCartney for tennis.”

  1. That “scuba-inspired” dress is weird. I saw a woman with a perfect body wearing it at a local tournament and even she looked strange. I don’t see the funky bib on Wozniacki when she plays; does it come off or have they scrapped the design?

  2. Thanks for your note. Caroline must have had the inner tank removed from her US Open Stella dress. It does not come off of the dress that is for sale. It is an unusual design but that’s fashion for you. I like it the way Caro wore it best.

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