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Obsession: Maria Sharapova’s new tennis racquet bag from HEAD.

HEAD Maria Sharapova tennis bag 3 pack Maria Sharapova has a hot new tennis bag. Gone is the racquet shaped bag she's been carrying (although you can still buy it). This one resembles a relaxed yet luxe quilted duffle with two sections.

Accented with gold hardware and lettering (MS and Head), leather tassels and sky blue interior it's pretty and sophisticated, a well thought-out user-friendly tennis bag that will appeal to the style conscious woman who never carries a mega branded bag (horrors!). The racquet section like the traditional racquet bag is thermo protected and holds 3 racquets.

HEAD Maria Sharapova tennis bag interior One flattering color, black will go well with any tennis outfit. That interior BTW matches the HEAD Instinct S racquet Sharapova is swinging with. The bag retails for $100.00 USD.

Find a retailer at HEAD or buy at Tennis Warehouse or tennis retailers selling HEAD worldwide.

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5 thoughts on “Obsession: Maria Sharapova’s new tennis racquet bag from HEAD.”

  1. I love the look of this bag and can’t wait to see one. But, from the picture it looks like there are two different bags. Is that the case, and if so, what are the differences between the two?

  2. Hi Belinda. They are attached. You can see the inside of the smaller pocket above. The inside of the larger pocket is lined with thermal material to protect racquets for temperature changes.

  3. I checked it out in Newport this summer. The HEAD rep. was carrying one. It’s more like a soft duffle than a constructed bag. It didn’t have the distinct rectangular look of the one Maria is carrying in the video above. Looks like they may have stuffed it for the shoot. I wouldn’t say it would feel bulky unless you packed it to the max.

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