Tennis Identity

Donald Young, bright as his bling. New racquet from Prince.

Nike Donald Young Showdown Frequency Print Crew Donald Young (USA) remarked in his press conference yesterday that he enjoys wearing bright colors when he’s feeling good. My guess is he’s feeling pretty d. great right now. Fitting that he’s wearing Sonic Yellow, Donald Youngsonic alluding to the speed of light (hence the printed soundwaves). The guy has wheels…and attitude.

Awesome to see him rising to the Open occasion. Left is his Nike Showdown Frequency Crew, $45 USD. Flash next to his big bling, slightly off-center cap and killer smile. 

Nike DelPotro Sonic Yellow Frequency Shirt Right is the Sonic version former US Open Champ Juan Martin delPotro (Argentina) wore, the Nike Showdown Frequency. The optic magic didn’t serve my Argentine as long as the Donald. Perhaps he needs diamond studs??? No, NA. 

Both shirts are Dri-Fit with flat-lock seams for comfort. I like the Showdown Taped Men’s shorts, $50 to go with the tops. Really sharp in a not-to-matchy sort of way.

Find it at Nike and Tennis-Warehouse.

Racquet note: Donald Young has switched to a Prince tennis racquet. According to Prince, Young tested Prince frames in December 2010 for the first time. He chose the EXO3 Tour 100 (16×18) to keep for longer testing. He played with it in Washington at the ATP 500 for the first time and reached his first career semifinals of an ATP event.  

Currently in the 4th round of the US Open, I’d say the racquet is doing good things for his game. No word on an official contract at this time.