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John McEnroe and a smiling Serena dedicate refurbished tennis court in NY

Nike NYC Event Serna and John on stage
Serena Williams joined John McEnroe yesterday to dedicate a refurbished-by-Nike tennis court* at Brooklyn New York's Decatur Playground.

The event images appear a tad surreal given Ms. Williams' unforgettable rage on court at the USO finals. Publicity stunt? Maybe (if not, really really good timing) but I do think Serena's heart is in this cause. Really cute pic below. 

Nike NY Courts event Serena with girl
Anger management issues aside, for now some deserving kids and adults get a chance to play our game close to home and that's a good thing. 

Nike NYC Courts event Serena and John
*The new court surface is made out of ground-up Nike shoes.